This auction ended on 11/28/2022.

Roger Williams I'll Remember You KS-3470 Autumn Leaves KL-1012 Till K-1081-S Songs Of The Fabulous Fifties KXL 5000 Songs Of The Fabulous Century KL-1211 Always KS-3056 Liberace Liberace At The Hollywood Bowl CL 600 Ferrante & Teicher The Ferrante And Teicher Concert Part Two UAS 6475 For Lovers Of All Ages UAS 6483 Golden Piano Hits UAS 6269 Heavenly Sounds ABCS 555 You Asked For It! ST 90931 You Asked For It! UAS 6526 The People's Choice UAS 6385 Love In The Generation Gap UAS 6677 Love Is A Rainbow SUS-5313 Love Themes UAS 6282 Only The Best UAS 6434 The Artistry Of Ferrante & Teicher ABC 454 Concert For Lovers UAL 3315 Exotic Love UAL 3340 30th Anniversary On Stage BT 8003 Carmen Cavallaro The Magic Music Of Hollywood DL 4669 Jerry Heiman Sforzando! Jerry Heiman At The 3 Manual Rodgers Theatre Organ AC-5015 Dick Hyman Fabulous Dick Hyman At The Organ RS33-862 Provocative Piano Volume 2 RS33-824 Eddie Layton Organ Moods MGW 12004 Don Johnson King Of Ogan With A Beat Vol. 3 MLK 143 Dick Contino An Accordion In Paris MG 20142 Various Artists Wedding Marches & Organ Selections Acorn Stereo-Phonic 629 Ethel Smith Lady Of Spain DL 4325 At The End Of A Perfect Day DL 4467 On Broadway DL 8993 George Wright George Wright Plays The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ High Fidelity Recordings, Inc. 6087 George Montalba A Stereo Fantasy In Pipe Organ And Percussion SF-8400 Bill Thomson Fantabuloso BT-1004 At Home With The Rodgers BT-1006 Lenny Dee Golden Organ Favorites DL 4112 Melodies Of Love SMI 1-75 Treasury Of Favorites SMI 1-74 Eddie Dunstedter Plays Exciting Organ Showpieces Pipes And Power ST1410 Buddy Cole Modern Pipe Organ W 1533 Jesse Crawford The Poet Of The Organ The Best Of Jesse Crawford DXB 171 A Lonely Way To Spend An Evening DL 4477 Eddie Baxter Organ Festival DLP 25277 Alexander Schneider The Mormon Tabernacle MS 6101 Don George America's Favorite Organ Hits R-6008 Johnny Puleo And His Harmonica Gang Self Titled AFSD 5830 Bob Ralston Tea For Two And Other Favorites CXS-9021 Jerry Burke Presenting Jerry Burke BL 754052

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