Absolute Machinery Inventory Reduction Auction

Featuring: Christmas Tree Equipment, Tree Trailers, Tree Shakers, Gas Powered Cable Tree Balers, Portable Tree Lot Buildings, Baertschi 3 pt PTO Bed Shaker & Cutter, 3 – Large Commercial Blow-Up Snowman, 20 plus Contractor 100 ft String Lights, 40 to 50 – 5’x 5’ Portable Tree Lot Stands, 30’ x 96’ Green House Equipped with LP Heater- Draw Fans to be removed.  OTHER MACHINERY SELLING: 50+ TRAILERS to include: Tree Trailers, Logging Trailers, Livestock Trailers, Flatbed Trailers; CATTLE EQUIPMENT: Portable Creep Feeders, Numerous Feed Bunks, Fencing Supplies, New Wood & Steel Posts; HAY EQUIPMENT, TRACTORS, VEHICLES AND WORK TRUCKS,  ATV 4 WHEELER, NUMEROUS POWER & SHOP TOOLS, SEMI STORAGE TRAILER AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

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