2020 Mower King SSCM Mix & Go Concrete Mixer Skid Steer Attachment, Unused, Universal Skid Steer Mount Included, Protected Gear Drive System, Intake Dimensions: 47” L X 26-1/2" W X 24" H, Operating Flow 75-140I/MM, Operating Pressure 16-21MPA, Approximate Weight 1157 Lbs, Bucket Capacity 0.35M3, Shipping Crate: 66" L X 32" W X 31.5" H, PICK UP INSTRUCTIONS: $25.00 Per Day Storage Fee After 14 Days, Item Is Deemed Abandoned & Resold After 30 Days, No Weekend Pick Up, For Questions Or To Schedule A Viewing, Call Matt Hunefeld, 402-506-1357, M-F 7 AM-3:30 PM, Operational Condition Of This Item Has Not Been Verified And Is Not Disputable By The Buyer. Potential Buyers Should Inspect The Item Before Bidding, SN: SSCM20112401

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