This auction ended on 11/28/2022.

Barbara Mandrell Spun Gold MCA-5377 Moods AY-1088 Live MCA-5243 ...In Black & White MCA-5295 Clean Cut MCA-5474 Louise Mandrell Self Titled FE 37424 Close Up MHL1-8601 Louise Mandrell And R.C. Bannon Me And My RC AHL1-4059 Deborah Allen Cheat The Night MHL 1-8514 Lacy J. Dalton Blue Eyed Blues FC 40780 Dream Baby FC 38604 Rita Coolidge Satisfied SP-4781 It's Only Love SP-4531 Janie Fricke Greatest Hits FC 38310 Crystal Gayle Crystal Gayle's Greatest Hits FC 38803 True Love 9 60200-1 Bobbie Gentry Ode To Billie Joe ST 2830 Terry Gregory From The Heart FW 37907 Jana Jae Live! LRS-811 Juice Newton Greatest Hits SJ-512353 Dirty Looks ST-12294 Juice ST-12136 Tanya Tucker Ridin' Rainbows MCA-2253 Should I Do It MCA-5228 Lovin' And Learnin' MCA-2167 Changes AL 9596 Dottie West Wild West LT-1062 Country Compilations Greatest Country Duets FE 39169 Rip Roarin' Country WU 3760 Best Country Duets JE 36547 South's Greatest Hits Volume II CPN 0209 The Best Of Country P2S 5642 Various Artists Tumbling Tumbleweeds RDA-229 The Hollywood Sound Stage Songs Of The Golden West & Songs Of The Deep South P-1500

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